Tooltipper documentation

Tooltipper shows a popup tooltip when an element has focus or has the mouse cursor over it.

Performer gives the tooltips the CSS class performertooltip which you can use to style your tooltips. You can override this CSS class name using the className


<p><a class="tooltipper" title="This is the tooltip" href="#">Example using 'title' attribute</a></p>
<p><a class="tooltipper targetEl-tooltipbox" href="#">Example using a hidden element</a></p>
<div id="tooltipbox" class="hider">
<p>This is the hidden element</p>


Valid elements

Any elements




title (optional)
Set as the text you want to show as the tooltip

CSS parameters (what's this?)

targetEl (optional)
Set as the id of the element containing the content for the tooltip
className (optional, default = 'performertooltip')
Sets the CSS class name given to the tooltip. You can use this to style the tooltip.