Sizer documentation

Switcher changes the size of an element when a link is activated. This can be used to make a textarea element larger, for instance.


30px higher, 10px shorter and thinner

The element to resize
<p><a class="sizer targetEl-sizerbox sizes-30" href="#">30px higher</a>, <a class="sizer targetEl-sizerbox sizes--10,-10" href="#">10px shorter and thinner</a></p>
<div id="sizerbox" class="hi">The element to resize</div>


Valid elements

a elements (links)





CSS parameters (what's this?)

targetEl (required)
Must be set as the id of the element you wish to resize.
sizes (required)
Must be set as the amount of pixels you wish to resize the element. Accepts either one number to affect just the height of the element; 30 or two separated by a comma to affect the height and width; -10, -10. Negative numbers are accepted.