Selector documentation

Selector send the value of a select element when it is changed and sends it to a remote page, putting the pages response into a named element.

The request to the remote page is sent as a GET request, with the value appended as the querystring variable selection, i.e. /my/remote/page?selection=<selection value>.


Awaiting selection…

<form action="#" method="post">
<p><select id="list" class="selector targetEl-selectornotify targetPage-/docs/selector/selection" name="list"> <option value="List item 1">List item 1</option> <option value="List item 2">List item 2</option> <option value="List item 3">List item 3</option> </select></p>
<p id="selectornotify">Awaiting selection...</p>


Valid elements

Any select elements





CSS parameters (what’s this?)

targetEl (required)
Must be set as the id of the element that will receive the response from the remote page
targetPage (required)
Must be set as the URI of the page to send the selection value to