Editor documentation

Editor turns an element into an inline editable field when the element is activated. The field has an optional save button; the values from the editable field are sent to a remote page and the results loaded into a specified element. The id of the element will be sent as the POST key, for example if the id of the field is 'edittext' the value can be accessed by the remote page using $_POST["edittext"].


Click this text to edit it, with buttons

Click this text to edit it, without buttons

<p><span id="editortext" class="editor targetPage-/docs/editor/receive targetElement-editornotify">Click this text to edit it, with buttons</span></p>
<div id="editornotify"></div>
<p><span id="editortext2" class="editor targetPage-/docs/editor/receive targetElement-editornotify2 autosave-true">Click this text to edit it, without buttons</span></p>
<div id="editornotify2"></div>


Valid elements

Any element





CSS parameters (what’s this?)

targetPage (required)
The URI of the remote page to send the edited text.

targetElement (required)
The element to show the response from the remote page.
inputType (optional)
The type of input field you want to show. Defaults to input type="text". The acceptable options are input (default) or textarea.
autosave (optional)
Set to true if you want the edited text to be sent to the remote page when the field is blurred (this will not show a submit button). This setting will also stop the response being loaded into the targetElement element.