Deleter documentation

Deleter sends a request to a remote page, then removes an element from the page and replaces it with the response from the remote page.


Delete paragraph 1

This is paragraph 1

Delete paragraph 2 with a confirmation

This is paragraph 2

<p><a class="deleter targetEl-deleter1 targetPage-/docs/deleter/delete?id=1" href="#deleter">Delete paragraph 1</a></p>
<p id="deleter1">This is paragraph 1</p>
<p><a class="deleter targetEl-deleter2 targetPage-/docs/deleter/delete?id=2 confirmDelete-true" title="Delete paragraph 2" href="#deleter">Delete paragraph 2 with a confirmation</a></p>
<p id="deleter2">This is paragraph 2</p>


Valid elements

a elements (links)




title (optional)
If using the optional confirmDelete CSS parameter the title will be used in the confirmation dialog followed by the words '- are you sure?'

CSS parameters (what's this?)

targetEl (required)
The id of the element to delete and replace
targetPage (required)
The URI of the remote page to send the request to
confirmDelete (optional)
Set as true if you want a JavaScript confirmation dialog to appear when the link is activated