Version 1.0 released

It’s late, so there’s no documentation updates yet. I’ll just say that Performer has reached the big 1-0, grab the latest version here. You’ll see there are now versions specifically for jQuery, Prototype and MooTools which should save you some bytes of you know which library you’re using.

New features? There’s quite a few:

  • A new ‘Morpher’ function, which allows you to animate elements
  • Several new ‘load…’ functions allowing you to trigger JavaScript to run when the page is loaded (like load a modal window and more)
  • Optional ‘delay’ parameter for lots of functions, allowing you to delay the running of the function for a number of seconds
  • Almost a complete rewrite for speed and filesize
  • Better default CSS styling for Performer elements
  • Lots of bugfixes

When I get some time I’ll update the documentation. Please let me know if you find any bugs with this new version.

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