Hello world!

Welcome to the new Performer website. In case you don’t know what Performer is, I’ll steal a quick introduction from the homepage, but wrap it in a Performer function. Click here to be amazed…

Performer is a set of JavaScript functions which aims to abstract away the complexity inherent in JavaScript libraries such as jQuery, Prototype and MooTools. We don’t aim to replace these libraries – they do a fantastic job and are very much needed – but we do aim to make it easier to use the features they afford website developers.

Performer does this by allowing developers to use nothing more than CSS classes and standard element attributes (like rel and href) to trigger these features.

How did I do that? By adding class="toggler" rel="intro" to the link and id="intro" class="hider" to the div containing the introduction text. Nothing else was added.

So in a nutshell Performer allows you to unlock the power in your favourite JavaScript library (currently Prototype and jQuery are supported, I aim to support MooTools and more in the future) from your HTML. JavaScript, with no code!

For more information please check out the Documentation section – although I’m afraid I’m still writing the docs – or you may want to see Getting Started with Performer or Next Steps with Performer.

Lastly, please let me know in the comments if you find mistakes, spelling errors, or things which just don’t add up. I guarantee you’ll find a few!

8 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. tani says:

    Hey buddy first and foremost thank you for your great work. I am using performer on my website and love the ease of use. I am still learning obviously but what you guys and gals have done has made my life much easier to deal with lol. Cheers tani

  2. sulian says:


    very interesting tool for me. Do you think it’s possible to use it with Dokuwiki or wikipedia ?


  3. I’ve got Performer running on 4 sites at the moment, and it works like a charm.

    Keep up the good work 🙂


  4. Chris says:

    Hi sulian,

    You should be able to, as long as you have access to the template files for those systems. If you can include a element to the jQuery and performer JavaScript files in the of each page it will work.


  5. Andy says:

    Great script!
    It would be nice if an AJAX ‘spinner’ could be shown when AJAX content is being fetched.
    I’m sure this can already be done with some scripting but it would be sweet if this funcionality could be added by simply adding a class, or somwehing. Thanks!

  6. Chris says:

    Hi Andy. Performer automatically adds the class ‘performerloading’ to an element while content is being loaded into it. By default the CSS for this class just sets the background colour to be an off-yellow. You can use CSS to add a spinner, or any other styling you want. Something like this would work:

    body .performerloading {
    background: #CCC url(/images/spinner.gif) no-repeat center center;

  7. Andy says:

    Oh, that’s great! Pardon my ignorance.
    Thanks for a wonderful script Chris!

  8. Digigirl says:

    Thank you for putting together such an awesome plugin. It does a lot of things I’ve been wanting to add to my site but didn’t have the technical expertise to do.

    One problem I am having though – it appears as though both the Popper and the Modalwindower only work with text links. If I try to assign the link to an image, nothing happens.

    Is there a way to make it work with image links? That sure would make me happy!

    Thanks again for the great work.